In May of 2013, CitySpace invited the public to the official lighting of the façade of the Old Town Hall. The event was held on Saturday, May 11,2013 on the steps of the Old Town Hall located at 43 Main Street, Easthampton.

This historic building previously known as Easthampton’s Town Hall is now a community arts hub with tenants Easthampton City Arts+, Big Red Frame and Elusie Gallery, and Flywheel Arts Collective. Ed Check, President of CitySpace says, “Artists have been studying light and shadow for centuries. I think it is only fitting CitySpace is investing money to light up the exterior of Old Town Hall – home to many art organizations in Easthampton. By looking at the building lit up at night we are reminded of this artistic community all around us. These artists are bringing new life to the City of Easthampton while making it a destination to experience this creative culture.”

The illumination followed the May Art Walk Easthampton that is dedicated to sustainability with ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ as the theme. The new building lighting project requires approximately 800 watts to power the entire lighting installation using state-of-the-art LEDS which have more than triple the life pan of standard lights. “The LED lighting uses 70% less energy and require no maintenance for up to 25 years. Both being good for CitySpace’s budget and the environment,” says Wade Clement, lighting designer and electrician.

The building’s façade is illuminated with a colorful LED glow with a fully programmable color changing system designed and installed by Wade Clement. He has been transforming buildings and spaces with specialty lighting designs since the 1980s. He has been recognized for his work with residential, commercial lighting as well as Buddhist and Hindu temples throughout the United States. Dedicated to sustainability, Clement looks for alternatives by staying up-to-date on innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. After moving to Massachusetts from Colorado in 2010 he now calls the Pioneer Valley home. Clement is a licensed electrical contractor that prides himself on his concept through completion services.

In 2011, signs designed by former CitySpace board member Peter King and produced by Mantis Graphics were installed to highlight each of the building’s business and organizations. The signs, towers and façade will now be visible at night following the May 11th Illumination.