At the end of March, CitySpace hosted the Future of Performing Arts in Easthampton. We had a wonderful turn out of enthusiastic and thoughtful performing artists, community members and representatives from arts organizations and businesses. CitySpace introduced the second-floor restoration project and programming plan to the group. Afterward, we branched into small groups to discuss questions about our business plan.

Oh my goodness, did we get amazing feedback!

Photos by Luna Ever-Hale

Since the convening, the CitySpace team downloaded all the good information we gathered from the get-together over extensive meetings. Because of that, we have a better business plan going forward that will address the needs of our future users of the second-floor space.

A few outcomes:

  • We will adjust the building plans to preserve the back stairs allowing for flexible use and additional rental opportunities for Flywheel.
  • We came up with an affordable solution for a flexible greenroom as another option for additional performers.
  • CitySpace will acquire a Marley floor, good piano, and tables for use.
  • Discounted rates will be available for Easthampton residents, businesses and organizations.
  • An Operations Manager position will start at a full-time competitive wage and benefits. A second position will grow from part-time to full-time, increasing over five years.
  • Affordable flat rates will be offered with a la carte items for additional use.
  • And so much more.
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After those long and challenging discussions, CitySpace will have some increases to our programming budget but a solid plan that will make for a more sound organization for our future. So for those who participated, thank you for sharing your expertise, energy, and Sunday afternoon with us. Your continued support for this project will be instrumental in bringing the second-floor back to life.

CitySpace Easthampton