Built in 1869 and dedicated as a memorial to the fallen Union soldiers of Easthampton, Old Town Hall housed Easthampton’s municipal offices, as well as community events like candidate debates, plays, and dances. The brick building in Italianate design is listed on the National and State Historic Registers. This significant historical landmark within the community serves as an iconic architectural structure with two prominent towers on either side of the building. The Main Street Historic District was added to the National Historic Places in 1986­. Main Street has been the civic and economic heart of Easthampton since its beginnings in 1785. Old Town Hall was a hub of  activity in the area until 2003, when the City relocated their offices to 50 Payson Avenue. It was the city’s vision to re-purpose this venerable building as a cultural center and the first tenant, Big Red Frame, moved to the building in 2007, followed by Easthampton City Arts and Flywheel. Since then countless performances, art exhibitions, and community gatherings have occurred on the first floor. And CitySpace has restored the first floor and illuminated the building. CitySpace now plans to restore the 2nd floor and manage it as a flexible performing arts and community space.

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